Fantroll Help
Would it be ok if a highblood was part computer or something? Like, if they had a computer thing implanted in their brain and they tend to glitch out and stuff...

You would need to explain this better. I don’t really understand… :/

Do you answer all of your questions?

I try to at least reply to all of them, even if I can’t think of an answer, yeah. Sometimes it takes me a bit, though. I usually clean out my inbox in waves, so sometimes messages stack up.

Is it ok if a highblood land dweller had a bird-dragon as their lusus?

Yeah, I don’t see why not. Gamzee had a sea-goat, after all, and he was a land-dweller. I see no reason to limit yourself to land-dwelling animals for land-dwelling trolls. Birds and Dragons are totally fine.

Is it ok if I make a highblood with psychic powers? That would be different, right?

Hmmm… This is a tricky one. Highbloods generally have awesome strength, but no psychic powers. Lowbloods have amazing psychic abilities, but short lifespans, weak immune systems, and little strength. I guess you could make a highblood with psychic powers, but keep in mind I’d guess this would subtract from their super highblood strength and durability. I’d also guess they usually wouldn’t have very strong psychic powers, so they wouldn’t be able to do terribly amazing things? That’s what I’d think.

Go for it, but keep those things in mind.

I wanted nuklan to have some reason to be interested in the law and helping people

Well, that sounds good to me! You can do that!

Is it ok to have a mutant?

Of course! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. They’re not insta-mary-sues like everyone makes ‘em out to be. They exist in the canon universe, so it’s TOTALLY cool.

I was thinking that nuklan's ancestor would be an alternian police scetchbookx artist and had at some point met and assisted redglare on a case. Is that ok? I'm the same person as ryantnerd btw

Hmmm… I don’t see any reason to just throw redglare in there, especially since it seems the pattern with ancestor/descendant is “history repeats itself”, meaning that whoever your ancestor met, you’re likely to met the descendant of. Since canon trolls are off-limits as a basically guideline, I’d sggest cutting that part. But, I like the rest of it! It’s a cool idea! I haven’t seen anything like that before~

As we know, teal bloods generally grow up to assume the role of a civil servant in some way... would something like a overseer for low bloods forced into labor or.. a warden of some description come under civil service?

Yeah, that sounds cool.

Would an amphibian work as a low - mid blood lusus?

Yeah, definitely! Actually…

Look next to the sea-monster looking green blooded one. That’s totally a brown/orange/whatever-we-call-this-caste frog lusus.

It’s not only okay, it’s canon.

Think a troll would wear something around their horns like a ring? We already established that the won't get piercings but what about just wearing something around their horns?

Just around the horn? It’d be a little uncomfortable, probably, but not any more than just kinda bothersome in the same way that say, people who don’t often wear glasses wearing glasses is bothersome. They’d get used to it. I don’t see a probably with rings and jewelry ON the horns.