Fantroll Help
I have a fantroll that I just made recently, and I was wondering if it would be alright if she were to have like flashbacks from traumatizing experiences her ancestor had?

If her psychic powers were really powerful then yes, maybe?

is it reasonable for a brownblood to be emotionally unstable, like a highblood?

Anyone can be emotionally unstable. Highbloods are just genetically unstable.

is it really necessary for a troll to share the same lusus with his dancestor?

The necessity of similarities between dancestors is very vague, but I’d say yes. 

So, I have a low-end violetblood, but he's kind of a calm character for the most part. He's emotionally unstable at times, but the highblood rage is less of a rage and more of a scared/sad. And no, it isn't overplayed, it's not a constant. He is prone to emotional breakdown, though. Is this okay?

Sounds good to me.

The thing that’s coming to mind is that his emotional instability may stem from the suppression of his natural highblood rage. Maybe not even consciously. Because of this, he may lash out and be prone to occasional emotional breakdowns?

Hey! Would you help me creating a magic based fantroll?


What do you think would happen if the empress was murdered? Like, do you believe the heiress would immediatly ineherit the throne or what?

I have reason to believe so, yes.

i think only two "royal" tyrians can exist at a time, the more obviously fuschia ones get culled by the jade-bloods that nurture the mother grub, the less obvious ones get lucky and then, if they're smart enough, claim themselves as fuschia.

Well, okay then. Let’s go with that.

So about the male tyrian blood thing, yes there can be male tyrians, but i've always believed that there can be unlimited numbers of tyrians and only females can be heirs.

I’m pretty sure there can only be two in existence at a time? I dunno, that’s what I thought to be truth.



I fixed her up a bit.

Golly, she’s a cutie!! :D Good work!

Okay, so my biggest concern is that her horns are too different? but aside from that, I’d love some help on figuring out what other theme related things I could do with her. 

I think the horns are a little too differen, actually. I like the idea, but maybe tweak it a bit? Maybe have them shaped like more cartoonish rabbit ears, i.e. thinner?, and change the coloring to the normal stripes. Maybe angel them more upwards inside of out to the side, but keep their position on the head? I dunno just what’s up with htem, but I’ll admit they look a tad off. Love the concept though, and she’s a real cutie! ovo

Her name is Scalet O’Hara, and  her lusus is a Hare. (Ive yet to decide on his mutation so I can have him not just be like an earth animal. Three ears, maybe?)) She enjoys Gardening, and using C^r^ts in her words. Do you think yuou could think of anything else she could have as her theme, or?

Maybe her lusus could have like three ears and one eye?
I can’t think of anything too interesting with themes with the little information given, but I do love the rabbit thing! Look into dream interpretation sites or other such symbolism stashes, and find out what rabbits mean as a symbol, and try applying that to ehr character! I love it joke on c^rrots though.